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Consulting Services

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Tree Protection

Tree protection during construction is extremely critical. Often the damage that occurs during the building process is irreversible. At ATC, we consider protective strategies such as root zone protection, chip installation, and if warranted, an application of growth regulators. These preventative measures help to mitigate soil compaction which can lead to a tree failure. We adhere to city ordinances and, when necessary, help facilitate the filing for bonds..

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At ATC we recommend creating and maintaining a tree inventory; especially for larger estates and urban forests. Professional inventories provide:

  •  An overview of the age, species, and condition of trees.

  • A guideline for scheduled maintenance.

  • A priorities list for pruning and removal work.

  • Budget planning for future tree care.

  • Assistance in procuring new trees that serve the existing landscape.

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Tree Appraisals

Trees, like dwellings, have an intrinsic value that is sometimes overlooked. Our experienced Arborists use a matrix of methods to determine the value of a tree. These include canopy measurements, trunk and root assessment and accounting the presence of insects, disease and decay. We also determine the associated costs to replace, treat and restore a compromised tree. 


Risk Assessment

A Risk Assessment determines the risk of a tree failure should one occur. We offer three levels of  assessment. A visible check may consider the safety of pedestrians on a path or in a park. Level 2 assessments examine defects such as cavities to determine if further investigation is needed. Level 3  studies roots, stems and the crown of the tree using advanced testing equipment. Dependent on the case, your accredited arborist  then creates a risk report which includes field observations, photos and test result. This data is a prerequisite in applying for a permit to remove a tree.



Our seasoned consultants have the ability to obtain the necessary permits for our neighboring cities and counties. In many cases, obtaining a permit is a legal obligation for tree removals, tree protection and construction.

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