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Sustainability Efforts

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Sustainability Efforts by Anderson's Tree Care Specialists in San Jose and the Southern Santa Clara Valley

We’re a local tree care company with a simple aim: making your surroundings beautiful and healthy. We achieve this by providing excellent tree and plant care services. While our services bring an immediate positive change to your outdoor space, we also consider their long-term impact on the environment.

Sustainability is a core part of our mission. It wouldn’t be wise to prioritize short-term beauty at the expense of long-term environmental health. That’s like taking one step forward and two steps back. We’re dedicated to sustainable tree care to ensure that our community and region remain beautiful for generations to come.

An Eco-Friendly Tree Care Company

For over 28 years, we have been committed to incorporating greener business practices in our company. Since 1995, we have adapted our daily operations to reduce our carbon footprint.

Some of our ongoing sustainability initiatives include:


We are a proud early adopter of biofuels. For nearly 25 years, all our vehicles and equipment have been powered by Biodiesel, an eco-friendly fuel alternative made from renewable resources. Biodiesel not only offers improved fuel economy but also has lower emissions compared to traditional fuels.

Our petroleum-free diesel, called NEXDIESEL, is 100% renewable and sustainable. NEXDIESEL reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 40-90% over the equipment’s life cycle compared to traditional fossil fuels.

Solar Panels

Since 2008, our facility has been fully powered by solar energy. Marin Solar, a local partner who received the 2007 Pacific Sun Readers Poll Best of Marin and shares our commitment to preserving the environment, installed and continues to maintain our solar panels to this day.

Biodegradable Lubricants

With traditional lubricants, our chainsaws would use up to one gallon of oil every day. Using biodegradable lubricants is much safer for the environment. Though they are more expensive than traditional petroleum-based options, we firmly believe the environmental benefits outweigh the costs.

We exclusively use Motion Lotion Biodegradable Bar & Chain Oil in our chainsaws. This environmentally friendly industrial-grade cooking oil is virtually harmless to your plants and animals. For all of our small 2-cycle engine equipment, we use Stihl HP Ultra 2-Cycle Engine Oil, which biodegrades in a few days.

Proactive Maintenance

Our maintenance and repair shop plays a crucial role in our commitment to environmental preservation. Our expert mechanics clean and service every piece of equipment every evening, ensuring they’re ready for use the next day.

This routine equipment maintenance reduces the consumption of resources and minimizes the release of contaminants into the environment. A properly maintained and serviced wood chipper or chainsaw will operate more efficiently, reducing fuel and oil consumption and releasing fewer emissions.

Certified by the Bay Area Green Business Program

Recently, Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists was the first tree care company to be recognized as a CERTIFIED Green Business by the Bay Area Green Business Program. This award is not just some empty business promotion – it’s a recognition of a conscious dedication to preserve the environment for future generations through ecologically and environmentally friendly business practices.

If you want to learn more about how we’re working to protect the environment or have questions about tree care, contact the tree experts at Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists today!

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