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Fertilization services by Anderson's Tree Care Specialists in San Jose and the Southern Santa Clara Valley

Everyone knows eating a balanced diet is essential for optimal health. The same is true for your plants and trees. When your soil lacks nutrients, your trees can suffer and become vulnerable to pests or diseases. Ensuring your plants and trees are healthy and thriving is our top priority at Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists – and our professional fertilization services can make a huge difference.

Want to keep your trees and plants vibrant and promote strong root growth, helping trees withstand adverse weather conditions and fight pests and diseases? Call today to schedule your fertilization service.

How Do You Know If Your Yard Needs Fertilizer?

Most soils lack the proper nutrients plants and trees require to reach their full potential. While most landscapes require fertilization, below are some common signs that your soil requires fertilization:

  • Smaller than normal leaves
  • Discoloration on leaves
  • Minimal new growth
  • Stunted or slow growth
  • Prematurely falling leaves


How Does Professional Fertilization Work?

Creating an optimized fertilization program is all about creating a balance of nutrients. Therefore, our process begins with understanding what elements your soil lacks. Our ISA-certified arborist will test your soil to determine the pH and which micro and macronutrients your soil lacks. Based on the results from the soil testing, we’ll create a customized fertilization program.

Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists practices deep-root fertilization, which is a process that uses Mycorrhizal Fungi, a beneficial fungus that forms a symbiotic relationship with the tree’s roots. The fungus allows the trees to access deeper pockets of nutrients and increases their ability to absorb available water and nutrients.

Fertilization FAQs

The best time of year to apply fertilizer is in the early spring and late fall. During these times of the year, plants can absorb the most nutrients, making the fertilizer more effective than during other seasons.

In general, mature trees require fertilization every 2-3 years. Younger trees may require fertilization every year to promote vigorous growth.

Before applying fertilizer, it is important to test your soil to determine what micro and macro nutrients it needs. After soil testing, our trained fertilization experts at Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists will choose the perfect fertilizer mixture to ensure your trees and plants flourish.

Although fertilizer application can seem simple, fertilizer should be applied by a trained professional. Without testing your soil, you could be over or under-fertilizing your plants and risk damaging or killing them.

Residential and Commercial Fertilization Services in San Jose

Proper fertilization is the key to a healthy and flourishing landscape. At Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists, our team of ISA-certified arborists are experts in soil care and fertilization. We aim to keep your landscape vibrant, healthy, and thriving every season of the year.

If your trees or plants are struggling and need help, contact Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists today for a free quote and learn more about fertilization services.

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