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Unhealthy trees can be unsightly and dangerous, and one of the most overlooked reasons is compacted soil. Over time, soil becomes compacted around tree roots, stifling oxygen and depriving the tree of moisture. Air spading is a revolutionary tree care method that not only solves your soil compaction problems but also contributes to the overall health and vitality of your outdoor environment.

If you’re dealing with soil compaction in your yard, call Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists today to learn how our expert air spading service can help.

What is Air Spading?

After many years, the soil around a tree will become compacted and unable to deliver the needed water, nutrients, and oxygen to the roots. The tree’s health suffers as a consequence. If you’ve ever tried to de-compact this soil yourself, you know what a difficult task it is – especially if you don’t have the right tools.

Air spading is a specialized process to remove compacted soil and mulch and maintain the health of trees. This process involves the use of a machine called an air spade or air tool, which uses compressed air to gently remove soil from around a tree’s root system. By exposing the roots without damaging them, the skilled arborists at Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists can better assess the trees’ health and improve their long-term outlook.

What Does Air Spading Do for Trees?

When the soil around a tree is compacted, tree roots fail to receive adequate nutrients, water, and oxygen. This restricts growth and can even kill the tree.

The benefits of air spading include:

  • Water Management: When the soil around a tree becomes compacted, water is unable to penetrate the ground, travel to the roots, or cannot drain properly, causing the roots to soak in the water and rot.
  • Increased Oxygen: Soil that’s compacted can create an earthly seal that’s practically airtight. Since oxygen is essential to a tree’s health, this can stunt growth, make it susceptible to diseases, or even kill it.
  • Healthier Roots: Roots provide nutrients and keep a tree rooted to the ground. When the soil around the roots has compacted, the roots may not be able to properly penetrate the soil and reach its required nutrients.
  • Effective Fertilization: Air spading provides a precise method for applying fertilizers directly to the root zone, ensuring that the tree receives the necessary nourishment.
  • Less Damaging: Traditional soil aeration methods use tools such as picks and shovels which can damage a tree’s roots and any surrounding plants. Air spading is gentle to the tree and nearby plant life.
  • Pest Control: After air spading, pesticides can be applied directly, guaranteeing that the tree receives the proper protection against pests.

Is Your Soil Compacted?

Recognizing the signs of compacted soil early is crucial for maintaining a healthy landscape. Here are some warning signs that you have compacted soil and may need air spading:

  • Pooling water: When the soil is compacted, it becomes less permeable, leading to poor drainage. Water can accumulate on the surface, creating puddles or pooling in low-lying areas.
  • Water not absorbing into the ground: Compacted soil doesn’t allow water to infiltrate effectively. This can result in surface runoff and erosion, rather than the water being absorbed by the soil.
  • Patchy grass: Compacted soil can restrict the growth of grass and other plants. You may notice patches of bare soil or areas where grass and vegetation struggle to thrive due to limited root growth and poor water penetration.
  • Clay-like soil: Compacted soil often feels dense and hard, similar to clay. It lacks the crumbly texture and aeration that healthy soil should have.
  • Inability to Penetrate the Ground with a Screwdriver: Soil compaction makes it difficult for roots to grow, as well as for air and water to penetrate the soil. If you can’t easily insert a screwdriver or other sharp object into the ground, it’s a strong indicator of compacted soil.

Better Tree Care with Air Spading

At Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists, we place the utmost importance on ensuring the health and vitality of your trees – and air spading is a valuable tool in that pursuit. We’re a local family-run company, and over the years we’ve established ourselves as a leader in the tree care industry in San Jose.

If you have compacted soil, air spading could be a simple but highly effective solution for you. Give us a call today, and let us help unlock the potential of your trees.

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