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Tree Pruning and Trimming Services

You want the trees on your property to provide shade and natural beauty. Unfortunately, trees rarely grow as we want. They may choose to grow in ways that we don’t find aesthetically pleasing, or can potentially weaken them over the long term. As a tree grows, strategic pruning or trimming can help maintain its health, safety, and beauty. Whether you have one tree or several, our tree pruning experts are ready to help you.

Since 1995, Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists has proudly offered tree pruning and tree trimming services to homeowners and businesses in San Jose. Call us today to schedule your tree pruning appointment.

Arborist trimming a tree branch in San Jose and the Southern Santa Clara Valley by Anderson's Tree Care Specialists
Tree daylighting by Anderson's Tree Care Specialists in San Jose and the Southern Santa Clara Valley

Tree Daylighting

Overgrown tree branches can rapidly block essential sunlight from reaching the surrounding area. Tree daylighting services offer a solution to this issue, ensuring the overall health and well-being of your property.

View restoration services by Anderson's Tree Care Specialists in San Jose and the Southern Santa Clara Valley

View Enhancement

Is the natural beauty of your landscape concealed by an overgrowth of trees and foliage? We can help. We are dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of your landscape while enhancing your outdoor experience. 

Tree pruning services by Anderson's Tree Care Specialists in San Jose and the Southern Santa Clara Valley

Why Is Tree Pruning in San Jose Important?

Pruning a tree from a young age can be crucial for tree health. Early training helps trees resist pest infestations, diseases, and storm damage, preventing the need for extensive pruning later, which can be costly.

Benefits of routine tree pruning include:

  • Hazard Avoidance/Property Protection: Removing dead, damaged, or overgrown branches ensures safety for your property and everyone on it. Regular pruning reduces risks during storms and fire season, common concerns in California.
  • Tree Health: Arborists are trained to identify issues invisible to the untrained eye. Regular assessments by experts ensure optimal tree health, addressing hidden problems beneath the bark and in the roots and foliage.
  • Code Adherence/Structure Clearance: Trees can grow branches over roofs, sidewalks, and utility lines. Pruning enhances visibility and reduces the liability of falling branches, ensuring compliance with city codes and homeowners association rules.
  • Landscaping: Dense branches can limit sunlight access, affecting the aesthetics of your property. Regular pruning maintains curb appeal while optimizing sunlight and shade benefits.

Tree Pruning FAQs

We strongly advise against pruning a tree if you’re not a professional. It’s not just a dangerous job – it’s a job that requires a lot of background knowledge to get right. Pruning the wrong way can injure or even kill a tree. Arborists are equipped with specialized, environmentally safe tools and training to ensure safety and tree health.

Overgrown trees pose hazards, especially during storms. Heavy branches are prone to breaking, risking injury and property damage. Dense trees attract pests and diseases. Some trees never require pruning, but for other trees, pruning can help prevent a variety of potential problems.

Dead, damaged, or diseased limbs are signs that a tree isn’t healthy. In many cases, tree pruning can help solve the underlying issues that are causing these problems. If you’re concerned about a tree, we recommend getting a professional tree risk assessment. From there, we can advise you on the best way to move forward with your tree care.

Tree topping involves chopping off new limb growth to reduce tree size. However, it weakens trees, making them susceptible to pests and disease. We do not recommend tree topping.

Tree trimming and tree pruning are often used interchangeably, but in the tree care industry, there is an important difference. Tree trimming is considered a less invasive tree care service, aimed primarily at aesthetic changes.

Tree pruning is a more invasive procedure. The goal is not just aesthetic changes, but influencing the overall structure of the tree to promote greater long-term health and viability.

To determine whether your tree needs tree trimming or pruning service, call us today!

Your Trusted Partner In Tree Pruning

For over 28 years, Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists has cared for the San Jose community’s trees, prioritizing integrity and environmental responsibility. Our I.S.A. certified arborists are dedicated to ensuring the health and beauty of your trees.

To schedule your tree pruning or tree trimming service, contact Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists today!

Arborists pruning a cactus in San Jose and the Southern Santa Clara Valley by Anderson's Tree Care Specialists

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