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Tree permits by Anderson's Tree Care Specialists in San Jose and the Southern Santa Clara Valley

Tree permits in California are required for certain tree-related activities, such as tree removal or pruning, especially when it involves protected tree species. These permits are regulated by local city or county ordinances, and the specific requirements and processes can vary across different jurisdictions.


Most cities and towns require permits for tree work and encroachments on public right-of-ways, and most charge a fee for these work permits. Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists can make arrangements with your city or town to obtain all applicable permits for your tree work, and the permit fee will be included in your estimate. Click the links below to see permit requirements for your city or town:

Anderson's Tree Care Specialist has a California State Contractor License in San JoseLicense

Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists is a licensed contractor in the state of California and because of this, Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists is able to be a fully bonded and insured company. We are insured for Workers Compensation, Automobile and General Liability. This fact is important to you, our client, because part of providing superior customer service is being able to protect your property and personal safety in case of an incident while we are on the job.

Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists is insured to provide our clients with confidence and assurance.

It is important for you as a consumer to ensure that any contractor you hire is licensed, bonded and insured. While most contractors in California take insurance requirements and worker’s compensation matter seriously, there are those that may cut corners in an attempt to save money. For this reason, Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists strongly recommends checking the status of any contractor you hire, and ensuring they have sufficient insurance and worker’s compensation coverage. However, insurance coverage alone is only in place to safeguard the client and contractor if there is an incident, and does not guard against an incident occurring in the first place. For this reason, Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists utilizes a comprehensive safety program with all of our tree workers to help ensure ANSI and OSHA approved safety measures are followed on each of our jobs and to promote safety in the workplace.


It is also important when hiring an arborist to know that their certification has not expired, lapsed, or been revoked. I.S.A. Certified Arborists must undergo continuing education and training in order to keep their certifications current and active. Some arborists may receive their initial certification but neglect to participate in the continuing education and allow their certifications to lapse, but will still advertise themselves as Certified Arborists.

Before you hire ANY Certified Arborist, please verify their certification status at the International Society of Arboriculture. You can search by the certification ID number, location, postal code, or last name.

  • Tree Care Industry Association Global association
    • Certification #CA-042

  • International Society of Arboriculture – Certified Arborist

    • WE – 1061AT

As property values rise, so has the need for increased insurance coverage. At Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists, we felt it was our obligation to our valued clients to ensure that any incident, big or small, would be covered and our clients would have no cause for concern.

To check on the status of a contractor’s license,
visit, and follow these instructions:

  1. Click on “Check a License or HIS Registration”
  2. Enter the Contractor’s License Number
  3. Look for these items:

Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists CA Contractor’s License #: 705171

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