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Pests and diseases can quickly take over an entire tree, hinder its vital processes, and eventually kill it. Of course, the problem with pests and tree diseases is that even after one tree dies your other trees are still at risk. Pests and diseases can easily spread, so to keep the trees on your property protected, it’s important to work with a tree pest and disease control expert – like the team at Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists.

Our certified arborists and tree care experts will quickly identify any pest or disease that may have infected your tree and create a treatment plan. Call us today to take care of the problem and stop the spread.

Signs of Tree Pests and Disease

To keep your tree in optimal health, it is important to have an arborist routinely inspect your trees for signs of pests or disease. Some common symptoms your tree may be struggling with pests or diseases include:

  • Yellowing or shedding of leaves or needles
  • Spotted leaves
  • Silk-like webs on branches
  • Sunken cankers
  • Small holes in the bark of the tree
  • Blotches or blemishes on the tree

Tree Pest and Disease Control FAQs

When left untreated, an infected tree can quickly transmit pests or diseases to nearby trees. To stop the spread of pests and disease, it’s crucial to either treat or remove the infected tree and inspect surrounding trees to ensure they are healthy and the pest or illness did not spread.

If your tree is stressed, damaged, or lacking proper nutrients, it cannot fight diseases or pests. To keep your tree healthy, it is important to ensure your trees are receiving the correct amount of sun, water, and fertilizer. If your tree was damaged, make sure it is healing correctly to stop pests and diseases from taking advantage of its weakened state.

Yes. Pests such as bark beetles and diseases such as Sudden Oak Death can quickly spread and kill trees when left untreated. By taking proactive preventative measures and promptly addressing any infestations, you can help stop the spread of pests and disease your trees will remain vibrant and stand tall for many years to come.

Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists Pest and Disease Management Services

Northern California is currently a hotspot for a variety of pests and diseases that are rapidly killing trees. Because they can spread quickly in the San Jose area, it’s important to identify the problem in its early stages.

Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists’s certified arborists and tree health pros use industry-leading techniques to diagnose issues, stop the spread of disease, and save your trees. Whether it’s insects or parasitic fungi, we will keep your landscape healthy and vibrant.

Contact us today to keep pests and diseases away from your trees!

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