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Plant Health Care

Our Plant Health Care program offers scheduled visits per year to maintain and inspect your plants. We use environmentally conscious products to treat soil and organic matter. We inspect for disease and insect infestation and take exceptional measures to address plant health issues without using pesticides when possible. 


Tree Planting

With joy and pleasure, we love to plant trees. Our arborists ensure that proper preparation, appropriate irrigation and effective tree protection is in place for a successful planting

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Pruning on a regular basis keeps trees healthy and beautiful. There are a variety of pruning methods and ATC has the accredited knowledge and expertise to obtain exceptional results whether for aesthetics, function or plant health. 

Tree Lined Path


ATC services offer comprehensive tree inventory. Using GPS and state of the art mapping technology, we gather accurate data such as the health, species and age of your trees.


Tree Removal

Ultimately, our goal is to provide services that keep trees healthy. Unfortunately, there are instances when a tree removal is the best solution. Removing a dead or diseased tree can prevent structural hazards and often allows for useful light for the remaining plants to grow and thrive.


Emergency Service

Unforeseen natural events do occur. ATC has the experience and equipment to be available when you need it most.  If after hours, call or text 408.206.2722

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