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Tree daylighting by Anderson's Tree Care Specialists in San Jose and the Southern Santa Clara Valley

Overgrown trees can be unsightly, but even more concerning is the fact that they block sunlight from reaching the surrounding area. This can suppress the growth of surrounding plant life, which can lead to major consequences for the health of your property. Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists’ tree daylighting services solve this problem, revitalizing your trees and property, and promoting healthy long-term growth.

Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists’ tree care experts and certified arborists provide expert tree daylighting services in the San Jose Metro Area. Call us today to learn more.

What Is Tree Daylighting?

When old tree branches die off, they don’t fall off. They remain a part of the tree even though they’re no longer useful to it. They even crowd out and compete with healthy new branches. Over time, the tangle of branches can become so dense that sunlight is unable to pierce through. That means that plants under the canopy aren’t getting an adequate amount of sunlight.

“Daylighting” a tree is the selective removal of branches so that sunlight can reach through the canopy onto the ground below. Tree daylighting is good for the tree and great for the area around the tree. It can also be an important part of road safety, in a practice called roadside daylighting.

Daylighting trees offers many benefits including:

  • Tree longevity
  • The health of the surrounding natural environment
  • Improved appearance
  • Promotion of growth in certain areas
  • Reduced wildfire risk
  • Improved visibility

Is Tree Daylighting or Roadside Daylighting Right for You?

Tree daylighting is an increasingly popular procedure for property owners with mature trees.

Here are some common reasons people consider tree daylighting services:

  • Your outdoor space feels overly shaded and you want more brightness.
  • Overgrown branches limit the potential of your garden.
  • You’re looking for a more inviting and open atmosphere on your property.
  • You want to promote healthy long-term growth in your trees.
  • You’re aiming to strike the perfect balance between maintaining your trees’ health and enhancing your property’s aesthetics.
  • You’re looking to improve road safety around your property

Tree Daylighting FAQs

We frequently get questions about tree daylighting, and here are some of the most common. If you have any other questions, be sure to give us a call!

Yes. Dead, overgrown branches are the perfect fuel for wildfires. By removing these branches, your trees are less susceptible to catching fire. Additionally, when ample sunlight reaches the ground, groundcover plants are healthier and less dried out, making them less susceptible to catching fire as well. Add it all up and tree daylighting is a smart proactive step to protect your property and the surrounding environment.

For maximum protection during fire season, we also recommend our warm-weather tree care services.

Yes. One of the first uses of tree daylighting was by transportation planners attempting to improve road safety. During winter weather conditions, daylighting allows more sunlight to reach roads, which dries moisture and can help prevent vehicles from slipping off the road.

Roads where trees have been daylighted are also generally brighter, allowing motorists greater visibility, and a clear view of what’s ahead.

Your Trusted Tree Care Expert in San Jose

Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists provides tree daylighting and other expert tree care services in the San Jose Metro Area. With ISA-certified arborists on staff, you can always be confident you’re receiving the best recommendations, and our entire team of dedicated tree care pros are trained on industry-best techniques.

Ready to revitalize your property with tree daylighting services? Call us today and start towards a brighter and greener tomorrow for your trees and your outdoor space.

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